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Current Volume
Volume 65 Issue 12 (December 2014)

Wikipedia in the eyes of its beholders: A systematic review of scholarly research on Wikipedia readers and readership
(pages 2381–2403)
Chitu Okoli, Mohamad Mehdi, Mostafa Mesgari, Finn Årup Nielsen and Arto Lanamäki

Open-access repositories worldwide, 2005–2012: Past growth, current characteristics, and future possibilities
(pages 2404–2421)
Stephen Pinfield, Jennifer Salter, Peter A. Bath, Bill Hubbard, Peter Millington, Jane H.S. Anders and Azhar Hussain

A framework for analyzing and comparing privacy states
(pages 2422–2431)
Alan Rubel and Ryan Biava

Patent overlay mapping: Visualizing technological distance
(pages 2432–2443)
Luciano Kay, Nils Newman, Jan Youtie, Alan L. Porter and Ismael Rafols

Profiling social networks to provide useful and privacy-preserving web search
(pages 2444–2458)
Alexandre Viejo and David Sánchez

The social circles behind scientific references: Relationships between citing and cited authors in chemistry publications
(pages 2459–2468)
Béatrice Milard

Improving query expansion using WordNet
(pages 2469–2478)
Dipasree Pal, Mandar Mitra and Kalyankumar Datta

Citations with different levels of relevancy: Tracing the main paths of legal opinions
(pages 2479–2488)
John S. Liu, Hsiao-Hui Chen, Mei Hsiu-Ching Ho and Yu-Chen Li

What kind of knowledge is in Wikipedia? Unsupervised extraction of properties for similar concepts
(pages 2489–2497)
Eduard Barbu

Can the impact of non-Western academic books be measured? An investigation of Google Books and Google Scholar for Malaysia
(pages 2498–2508)
A. Abrizah and Mike Thelwall

WL-index: Leveraging citation mention number to quantify an individual's scientific impact
(pages 2509–2517)
Xiaojun Wan and Fang Liu

The zen of multidisciplinary team recommendation
(pages 2518–2533)
Anwitaman Datta, Jackson Tan Teck Yong and Stefano Braghin

A new algorithm for product image search based on salient edge characterization
(pages 2534–2551)
Yuhua Li, Songhua Xu, Xiaonan Luo and Shujin Lin

Getting a second opinion: Social capital, digital inequalities, and health information repertoires
(pages 2552–2563)
Wenhong Chen, Kye-Hyoung Lee, Joseph D. Straubhaar and Jeremiah Spence

A life cycle model of XML documents
(pages 2564–2580)
Airi Salminen, Eliisa Jauhiainen and Reija Nurmeksela

A multidimensional approach to evaluating management journals: Refining pagerank via the differentiation of citation types and identifying the roles that management journals play
(pages 2581–2591)
Brenda Cheang, Samuel Kai Wah Chu, Chongshou Li and Andrew Lim


Summa Technologiae – By Stanislaw Lem
(pages 2592–2594)
Finn Brunton

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