2016 Candidate for President-Elect


Pennington200x300Diane Rasmussen Pennington (formerly Diane Rasmussen Neal) is Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Information Science at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland. She earned her MS and PhD in Information Science from the University of North Texas, and she was Assistant Professor at The University of Western Ontario. Diane has published more than 40 works and delivered over 80 presentations in the overlapping areas of information organization, social media, non-text information indexing and retrieval, and digital consumer health information.

Diane was ASIS&T Director-at-Large from 2011-2014. She chaired the Web Presence Task Force, which led to the redesigned ASIS&T website in 2015. She co-chaired or chaired SIG VIS from 2003-2008, and won the 2011 SIG Member of the Year Award as the 2010-2011 SIG CR Chair. She was President of the Canadian Association for Information Science (CAIS) from 2013-2014.

Her full biography and CV are available at http://bit.ly/1S8YmVa.

Personal statement
I firmly believe ASIS&T provides world-leading professional and personal experiences to its members. As President, I will continue developing opportunities for our people and advocate for our profession. Building on my past leadership in professional education, online services, and advocacy, I will focus on several related directions in our 2015-2020 Strategic Plan:

  • Membership: As ASIS&T’s Social Media Manager, I have cultivated our social media presences to include 2,700 LinkedIn group members and 5,000 Twitter followers. Our social media followers clearly outnumber our 1,700 members. Additionally, large non-member communities attend various ASIS&T-supported conferences. I will charge the Membership Committee with determining what would encourage these non-members to become members so ASIS&T can enhance members-only services appropriately.
  • Programs/services/mentoring: Our greatest strengths are our people and our collective expertise. While Co-Chair of the Education Committee, Chair of the Webinar Task Force, and Chair of the Online Education Task Force, members made it clear to me that they want more networking and more ways to share and receive knowledge and research. In this age of distance learning degrees and austerity-driven budgets, I will create a task force to develop and implement member-centered services for virtual engagement.
  • Publicity/outreach/advocacy: I have co-chaired or chaired the Information Professionals Task Force since 2014, which is charged with creating a web presence that highlights the diversity and value of ASIS&T and the information professions. Driven by my passion for this cause, I will personally spearhead the task of communicating our diversity and value – worldwide – to potential employers in all sectors, other disciplines, governments, and the public.