2016 Candidate for Director-at-Large


Hazel HallI am Director of the Centre for Social Informatics at Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland. My main professional interests lie in information sharing in online environments.

While my base is in Scotland, my perspective is international. I enjoy particularly strong ties through collaborative work with colleagues in North America and the Nordic countries.

Alongside my research and teaching activities, I am Edinburgh Napier University’s Academic Champion for gender equality in the workplace.

Although I have spent most of my career in academia, I have also taken advantage of opportunities to engage with practitioners, including corporate librarians in hi-tech firms in Silicon Valley, and knowledge managers in an international professional services firm. Of particular significance is my work leading the implementation of the UK Library and Information Science Research Coalition between 2009 and 2012, the impact of which has been felt at the level of individual careers as well as in major new initiatives, such as the recent launch of Library and Information Science Australia (LISRA).

Position Statement
If elected, my priorities for ASIST will reflect the three main aspects of my profile as articulated above:

  • First, I will build on the recent work to make ASIST a truly international body. In particular I would like to find practical ways to facilitate greater participation at the ASIST annual meeting for those who are based outside the event’s host continent and/or are at a career stage where it is often difficult to secure funding for attendance.
  • My second priority is gender equality in the information professions. In 2014/15 I led a landmark study to map the UK workforce of archivists, information managers, knowledge managers, librarians, and records managers. The results revealed that although only around a fifth of the workforce is male, men comprise almost half the top earners. If similar patterns exist in other geographies (and I suspect they do), then they need to be addressed.
  • Finally, I would like to see more done to bridge the gap between research and practice in our domain to ensure that investment in research genuinely delivers impact in practice.

As an ASIST Director I will draw on almost thirty years of active engagement serving on committees of a number of organisations, including professional bodies. Of particular relevance here is service for ASIST including duties as papers co-chair for ASIST 2015 and membership of annual meeting program committees.

For further information please see http://hazelhall.org

Centre for Social Informatics, Edinburgh Napier University: http://www.iidi.napier.ac.uk/c/main/site/csi
Library and Information Science Australia: http://lisresearch.org.au/
Library and Information Science Research Coalition: https://lisresearch.org/
Workforce Mapping Project: http://www.cilip.org.uk/about/projects-reviews/workforce-mapping