2016 Candidate for Treasurer


Michael LuesebrinkMichael Luesebrink is the Collection Assessment Librarian for the University Libraries at Florida State University where he has worked for the last eighteen years.  Before entering the LIS field, he studied accounting and became a qualified CPA candidate. He entered the library industry after earning his M.L.I.S from San Jose State University. In addition, he holds a PhD in Information Studies from Florida State University. As an apprentice information practitioner, he worked as a contract archivist at Hearst San Simeon State Historical Archives and as a corporate librarian at Shaman Pharmaceuticals, a former biopharmaceutical company in San Francisco. At FSU, he has ministered their academic communities as a public services librarian at Dirac Science Library and also as head of the Monographs Acquisitions Unit, being responsible for and administering the various monograph library materials budgets.  Since joining ASIS&T, he has become active working with the various SIGs.  In 2015, he served as Chair of the Scientific and Technical Information SIG, where he still resides as Treasurer. Currently he serves as a SIG cabinet advisor.

Position Statement
Since Joining ASIS&T, I have been proud to participate in the governance processes of our association.  From its infancy, our organization has maintained a cutting edge position in the information industry, having endured several transformations over the years.  We are currently living in a transitional period, changing our scope from essentially a national to an international association. Having participated in a strategic planning focus group two years ago at our annual conference, it became apparent that ASIS&T was at a crossroads and that we are facing several challenges in the future.

My assessment was reflected in the ASIS&T strategic plan, which identified five strategic directions. The goals promulgated to address these challenges, which include: increasing membership while retaining current membership; realigning our programs and services to meet the needs of both academic and professional constituencies of our organization; improving the global impact of ASIS&T through our communications infrastructure; promoting and advocating our association in both the national and international policy arenas; and improving our institutional best practices and knowledge structures.

These initiatives require an ambitious commitment to their successful implementation.  It requires an efficient and effective management of our financial resources. As Treasurer, I intend to work closely with the board and our membership to sustain the financial health of ASIS&T. More importantly; to be a diligent and responsible steward of our associations’ financial assets.