rieh_soo_young-0216_8x10 (002)Soo Young Rieh is an Associate Professor in the School of Information at the University of Michigan where she has served as the Director of the Master of Science in Information (MSI) program since 2014. Rieh’s research investigates information behavior and human information interaction, focusing on credibility assessment, searching as learning, social search, and information literacy. Her research projects have been funded by the MacArthur Foundation and the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). Since Rieh joined ASIS&T as a student member in 1994, she has been very active in ASIS&T, serving as SIG Cabinet Steering Committee Officer, Co-chair of Awards and Honors Committee, Chair of the ASIS&T SIG in Information Needs Seeking and Use (SIGUSE), and a jury member for both the Research in Information Science Award and the Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Scholarship. Additionally, she has served on the Editorial Board for JASIST since 2014. Outside of ASIST, Rieh co-chaired the 2017 iSchools Dissertation Award and she is currently a member of the Editorial Board for the journal Library and Information Science Research.  Rieh has received several research awards from ASIS&T including the Best JASIST Paper Award (2011, 2005), the ASIS&T Best Conference Paper Award (2010), and the ASIS&T SIG USE Award for Best Information Behavior Conference Paper (2007, 2015). She received her Ph.D. from the Rutgers University School of Communication, Information, and Library Studies.

Position Statement:

While professional associations and conferences in the field of information science have increased in number, ASIS&T remains one of the most well-respected associations connecting practitioners, researchers, and students. If elected as Director-at-Large, I will strive to strengthen and expand the following areas in particular:

  1. ASIS&T is uniquely positioned to support networking and collaboration opportunities between academics and professionals. One of my top priorities will be to foster virtual events and programs so that both communities can learn about emerging issues and trends from each other. For instance, we can diversify the programs in Annual Meetings and Webinars so that academics suggest ways in which their findings may be best translated into the practices of information professionals and practitioners are also encouraged to utilize and adapt scientific research for their evidence-based practices.
  2. JASIST and ASIS&T Proceedings contain significant high-quality research. We can more effectively improve the visibility of our research at both individual and organizational levels. I am particularly interested in facilitating training and education programs for ASIS&T members on how to disseminate their research to make the maximum impact on the public, practitioners, and researchers both within and outside our field.
  3. Over the years, ASIS&T has continued to strive to become a truly international association. I am fully committed to broadening our geographic reach to recruit new members through the creation of regional and student chapters. We can proactively reach out to international regular and student members and provide additional support by developing tailored mentoring and leadership programs for them.

For more than two decades, my professional life has been enhanced and enriched by communicating with ASIS&T members and leaders, participating in various ASIS&T activities, and serving in a variety of leadership roles. I am strongly committed to making ASIS&T more visible and accessible to a broader group of information professionals and information science researchers so that they can participate and connect with one another as fellow members of this wonderful professional organization.