Dr. Xiaojun (Jenny) Yuan is an Associate Professor in the College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security and Cybersecurity (iCEHC) at the University at Albany (UAlbany), State University of New York. Her teaching and research interests include both human computer interaction and information retrieval, with the focus on user interface design and evaluation and human information behavior. Her research has been sponsored by federal, state and university funded grants, and she has published extensively in various professional journals and conferences.

Dr. Yuan has served as committee members and reviewers for professional conferences (e.g. ASIS&T, iConference, SIGIR, SIGCHI, OzCHI) and as reviewers for professional journals (e.g. JASIST, IP&M, JDoc). In UAlbany, her service includes four years as the member of the Institutional Review Board, two years as the Senator of the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and the iCEHC Doctoral Dissertation Award Committee member in 2018. In ASIS&T, her service includes the ongoing SIG USE Awards Committee member and SIG USE Research Symposium Planning Committee member in 2011 and 2013. She is also active in other information science communities, such as New York Celebration of Women in Computing Conference and a recently emerged ACM Conference on Human Information Interaction and Retrieval (CHIIR). She served as the proceedings chair of the Information Interaction in Context (IIiX) conference in 2010, the Award Committee Co-Chair of the First Symposium of Chinese Computer Human Interaction in 2013, and Workshops and Tutorials Chair of CHIIR 2018.


As a member of ASIS&T for more than 10 years, first as a doctoral student and then as a faculty and research scholar, I have been fortunate to observe the amazing achievement that ASIS&T has made during this time period. All the engagement and services that I have had in the ASIS&T community gives me great insight into its operation, and that also provides me an incentive to do more for this community to make it even better. That is why I am applying for the Director-at-Large position.

I fully understand the strategic goals and objectives of ASIS&T, and the opportunities and challenges that ASIS&T is facing. In addition to supporting ASIS&T with mentoring students and junior scholars, I strongly believe I can make a meaningful impact and contribution to increase the publicity of ASIS&T and its memberships, by leveraging my connections in both academia and industry. Particularly, as an ongoing Board Member of the International Chinese Association of Computer Human Interaction from 2012 till now, I have been actively engaged with creating collaborations between industries and universities, and among universities. This has provided me with valuable experience and relationships that I can use to expand the ASIS&T community.

If elected as the Director-at-Large, I will endeavor to increase the publicity of ASIS&T by taking the following actions: continue to advocate ASIS&T in various information science and technology related conferences and social media platforms; invite researchers and leaders from technology companies to ASIS&T to have roundtable discussions or exhibits to showcase their recent products and share their experiences; encourage our student members to work for these companies as interns or employees; identify interested universities to create summer schools that can provide educational opportunities for ASIS&T members; establish connections and research collaborations with academic scholars. Meanwhile, I will devote significant amount of time to recruit members outside of the United States, particularly from China and other countries in Asia. By creating educational events and making connections with scholars across countries, it will increase the influence of ASIS&T overseas.  I also recognize the importance of keeping the remaining members active in the ASIS&T communities. In order to do so, I will help create a systematic way to track the member status of these members and regularly invite them to appropriate activities such as webinars, workshops, tutorials and guest speakers.

I believe the new energy I am going to bring in will make me a valuable asset to the Board of Directors for ASIS&T and the entire ASIS&T community. Thank you for your vote of confidence.