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Privileges of Membership


  • ASIS&T Annual Meetings (AM) are popular because they provide the right balance of learning with networking opportunities. The international attendees provide energy and diverse viewpoints that stretch our perspectives and enliven social events.
  • ASIS&T’s network is global, with chapters and partnerships that provide discounts on events around the world.
  • ASIS&T is always looking for ways for its members to become more involved. We strive to provide every opportunity for members to guide and influence the organizations’ direction. This provides leadership opportunities for experienced leaders as well as for those who need to build their leadership skills.
  • ASIS&T is proud of the numerous lifelong members who are leaders in their area of expertise. This allows members to network and exchange ideas with top leaders in Information Science.
  • Well respected, the Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology (JASIST) is a fully refereed scholarly and technical periodical that has been published continuously since 1950. Research articles cover the wide range of topics that Information Science encompasses.
  • The Bulletin is a bi-monthly e-magazine covering developments and topical issues affecting the field to activities and accomplishments of the organization.
  • The Digital Library contains every publication ASIS&T has produced since the 1950’s.
  • If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the Digital Library the ASIS&T Bookstore may have it. Special member prices make the finds more alluring.
  • Free webinars for members on a wide variety of topics presented by global thought leaders in Information Science. An additional offering is the Meet the Author Series, which allows participants the opportunity to discuss the presentation topic with the speaker. Both interactive formats provide an excellent resource on current topics and issues being addressed by our members today.
  • Recognition is an important attribute to those within a professional community. The Awards program celebrates the achievements within the field by collegial peers. It also recognizes the dedication and contributions members give to the organization. Anticipated year long, the Awards event at the Annual Meeting is always well attended.
  • ASIS&T offers Life Insurance, Medicare Supplement, Health, Hospital Income and Short Term Recovery Insurance, Accidental Death and Disability Income Insurance plans, as well as a Discount Prescription Card. The site also allows you to view and compare insurance plans.  Insurance benefits are only applicable to U.S. members.
  • Find a new position or announce an opening through the ASIS&T Career Center. Free to members, listings are international and range from teaching to administrative positions.
  • ASIS&T Listservs have constant activity. Members post about upcoming events, research opportunities to job announcements, allowing you to stay abreast of what’s happening around the world.
  • Chapters can be by state or region and provide connections locally. They also provide another opportunity to shine as a leader, collaborate with a colleague and gain additional benefits. Chapter membership is part of your member dues.
  • The diverse range of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) illustrates the breadth of Information Science and the ASIS&T membership. SIGs provide another community to network, learn and contribute. Each group determines their own agenda and activities, making each one unique. Members can join as many groups as they have interests.