Recruitment Tips

  • Think about your network, upcoming events you will be attending and identify the best prospects and opportunities to reach out to colleagues.
  • Personal pitches are the most influential. Speak directly from your own experiences. Write down the reasons for being a part of the AIS&T community. We have a personal sales pitch worksheet to help you prepare your sales pitch.
  • Review the benefits of membership, print them out so they’re easily accessible. Also, review the News & Events section of the website for current activities happening around the world.
  • Walk them through the online application form and help them complete it.  You can also print out some hardcopies of the application form and offer to help them fill out the form. For faster service, online submissions are the most efficient.
  • If you can’t get them to sign up right away, follow up with an email and provide links to the membership benefits page, or any other page on the website you think would be of interest to them. Be persistent! Continue to follow up with emails and phone calls until you close the deal.
  • If you won’t be able to see some great prospects personally, send an email to them, and then follow up with a phone call. Forward them the Benefits handout or provide links to the website.
  • Invite prospects to an upcoming event – a webinar; SIG or Chapter event. If you are on a committee, you can get them involved by talking about the work you are doing and asking them for their input.
  • If you are going to an event, gather potential member’s business cards, or for those who don’t have cards, print out the Prospect Form so that you can quickly write down names and contact information to follow up with people later.
  •  If you aren’t comfortable with making a pitch, you can provide Headquarters with a list of prospects and we’ll do the work on your behalf! However, please note that you will not be eligible for the Raffle Drawing. You can use the Prospect Form to submit your prospect list to: Vanessa Foss, Membership Dept.,