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Fall NORASIST Meeting and Speaker ?>

Fall NORASIST Meeting and Speaker

Emad Khazraee, PhD will speak on:

Epistemic Objects and Embeddedness: Knowledge Construction in Research Networks of Practice

In this presentation, we explore the meanings of objectual practice that are revealed by examining embedded information structures and performativity. We conceptualize a network of practice as a nexus of interconnected practices, formed around materially mediated interdependencies across communities of practice. Drawing on ethnographic fieldwork of archaeology research, conducted across multiple research disciplines and communities of practice, we identify the material components of embedded information and explicate the processes by which objectual and social practices shape the adoption of theories across the network, creating knowledge-in-practice. We conceptualize knowledge construction as a product of the constant tension between contextualization and decontextualization (embeddedness and disembeddedness). Our findings demonstrate the mechanisms by which exploratory interactions with the information embedded in things (research objects) produce breakdowns that reveal inconsistencies within current theories.

Emad Khazraee is a sociotechnical information scientists and an assistant professor in the School of Library and Information Science at Kent State University. He held a Post-Doctoral research fellow position at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania (2014-2015). Emad received his Ph.D. in Information Studies from College of Computing and Informatics, Drexel University. His research is formed around the interplay between social and technical phenomena. His doctoral research focused on knowledge production processes in data-intensive, collaborative and multidisciplinary communities of practice. In another research trajectory, I he is looking at the cultural differences in new media use and the relationship between social change and digital technologies.

Business Items for Discussion at Our Winter Chapter Meeting

Consideration of merger with the Central Ohio ASIST chapter (COASIST): In several states around the country, local ASIST chapters have merged to form larger sustainable groups. We propose that the NORASIS chapter membership to consider a merger with the Central Ohio local chapter (COASIST). This would allow us to combine resources and offer a range of shared events with access via the Web. Ginnie Dressler and Cathy Smith, NORASIS co-chairs, have opened discussions on this with leaders of COASIST.

Consideration of proposal to review the chapter bylaws, change the formal NORASIS name in the chapter bylaws, and make any other proposed changes: In 2013, AISIST changed its name from American Society for Information Science and Technology to the Association for Information Science and Technology. The NORASIS chapter bylaws use an even older name: American Society for Information Science. You may review the chapter bylaws here:

If proposed formally after discussion, both of the above items require an affirmative vote by 2/3 of the chapter membership, in accordance with the rules set forth in Article X of the bylaws.

Thursday, November 19, 2015 at 7:00 PM

Kent State University
School of Library and Information Science
1125 Risman Dr., Kent, OH 44243
3rd Floor Main University Library
or online via WebEx 

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