Winter NORASIS Meeting ?>

Winter NORASIS Meeting

Please join us for the NORASIST winter meeting on February 11 at 7 PM.

You may meet us in Kent or online via WebEx. Instructions for connecting via WebEx and the event location can be found at the bottom of this message.

We have a new format for this meeting, with four speakers lined up to give short talks of about 15 minutes, with time for questions and discussion. Refreshments served!

Cindy Kristof, head of copyright and document services and associate professor, Kent State University, will present:
“Fair Use: It’s not cheating!” A brief overview of copyright law in the United States will be presented, along with a discussion of fair use and some examples of how the court has decided recent and important cases.

Nancy Lensenmayer, program director for education and professional development at OCLC and lecturer at Kent State School of Library and Information Science, will present:
The IFLA World Library and Information Congress 2016. This international conference will be held in Columbus, Ohio, 13-19 August 2016.

Shelley Blundell, Ph.D. will present: Freeing “the tire stuck in the mud”: Librarian-led collaborations which counter academic hopelessness in remedial undergraduate students.

In spring 2014, Shelley Blundell studied six undergraduate students enrolled in a remedial English course at an Ohio public university, examining their academic information search process (AISP) experience conducted to complete an assigned research paper. Because previous library and information science literature provides significant evidence linking efficient AISPs to strong information literacy skills, and these skills to learning in general, Blundell theorized that learning more about remedial undergraduate student AISPs would ultimately aid in the creation of needs-based, targeted information literacy instruction strategies for these students, which could enhance their academic progress and retention rates.

Although Blundell set out to find information literacy instruction ‘fixes’ to remedial undergraduate student information-seeking issues in her dissertation study, her in-depth investigation of the AISP experience of these students also revealed an all-encompassing sense of academic hopelessness, which she surmises is primarily responsible for their low retention rates. Blundell also discovered it was the students themselves who provided potential solutions for how academic hopelessness may be countered and overcome, and Blundell continues this line of research inquiry beyond her dissertation.

Blundell will return in the spring with a full talk on her work.

Catherine L. Smith, assistant professor at Kent State School of Library and Information Science, will present:
Why don’t you use query suggestions? Smith will talk about eye-tracking research that helps explain why people use and don’t use query suggestions. The talk includes a visualization of what searchers look at on the screen while formulating search queries.

Please join us for refreshments and a lively discussion. Instructions for connecting via WebEx can be found at the bottom of this message.

Business Items for Discussion

Update on consideration of merger with the Central Ohio ASIST chapter (COASIST):
As we mentioned in our fall message, most local ASIST chapters have merged to form larger groups within each state. We have proposed that the NORASIS chapter merge with the Central Ohio local chapter (COASIST). This would allow us to combine resources and offer a range of shared events with access via the Web while continuing local events. As it turns out, Ohio is the only remaining state with multiple chapters. Ginnie has continued discussions on this with leaders of COASIST. We will wait until fall of 2016 for a vote on this change. In the meantime, we will work in concert with COASIST in sharing events and activities.

In the past, NORASIST has sponsored an award at the Northeastern Ohio Science and Engineering Fair (NEOSEF). The 2016 Fair will be held March 15 at Cleveland State University, with judging from 1:00 – 5:45 p.m. Students will be present at their projects for interviews from 3:00 – 5:45 p.m. In the past we have given one or two certificates and a cash prize. We would like to do this again this year, and are looking for several volunteers to represent NORASIST in judging and granting the award or awards.

Thursday, February 11, 2016 at 7:00 PM

Kent State University
School of Library and Information Science
1125 Risman Dr., Kent, OH 44243
3rd Floor Main University Library
or online via WebEx (WebEx connection at the bottom of this message)

Winter NORASIS Meeting Online Connection via WebEx

You may connect starting at 6:45, the meeting will begin at 7:00

Use this link to join the meeting: Join WebEx meeting

Meeting number:
703 901 279

Join by phone:
Local: 1-330-672-4000
Toll Free: 1-866-330-9367

Cisco Unified MeetingPlace meeting ID: 713 901 279
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