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Call to Action: March for Science ?>

Call to Action: March for Science

Due to the current administrations attitude towards science, an international movement has begun to bring attention to the importance of scientific research and evidence-based policies. A March For Science is scheduled around the world on April 22, 2017 (earth day) to assure that the relationship between science and democracy does not continue to erode. Because Information Science impacts all areas of society, we believe this is an important movement for ASIS&T to support. We are calling on our members to support the message that science is important to a civilized world, and ask that you participate in whatever way you can.

There will be a main march in Washington, D.C., as well as 479 satellite marches around the world with several in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Chapters and SIGs might want to form their own groups for these marches, or individuals can just join in where they want. Please contact your groups to see how they are participating.

To learn more about the March For Science and how to participate, please visit

If you participate, please let us know so that we can announce your names in the next Inside ASIS&T. If you take photos, please forward them so we can include them in the article. Send your information to

If would like to join the ASIS&T group marching in Washington, D.C. please contact Yolande Nanayakkara, Communications Officer at

Read: March For Science (PDF)

Visit the March for Science Ohio website for details about events happening in Ohio on Saturday, April 22.

Participating cities include Athens, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Delaware, Mansfield, Oxford, Toledo, Wooster, Yellow Springs, and Youngstown.


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