SIG ED Quarterly Newsletter – October 2015

PDF: SIG ED News October 2015

2015 Annual Meeting Events

The 2015 ASIS&T Annual Meeting is coming up! SIG ED is looking forward to participating in several programs and social events. If you are interested in learning more about
SIG ED, its officers, and opportunities to get involved with SIG ED activities, we invite you to attend our business meeting at the 2015 ASIS&T Annual Meeting.

SIG ED Business Meeting at AM 15

9:15AM – 10:25 AM Monday, November 9, 2015
Sterling 6

Knowledge Management in LIS Education:
Bridging Research and Practice

Tuesday, November 10, 1:30pm


Kimiz Dalkir, McGill University, Canada

Denise A. D. Bedford, Georgetown University

Pamela Carson, Concordia University, Canada

Yeona Jang, McGill University, Canada

Karen Miller, University of South Carolina


This panel provides a state of the art review of knowledge management (KM) education approaches in the LIS field. The panelists will share thoughts and experiences pertaining to the current treatment of knowledge management concepts in Library and Information Science education. The panel is comprised of professionals who have experience in both the knowledge management and LIS disciplines, in both academic and in practical roles. Furthermore, panelists represent perspectives from several contributing disciplines.

Standing Out in the Academic LIS Job Market:
An Interactive Panel for Doctoral Students

Monday, November 9, 3:30pm


Rajesh Singh, St. John’s University

Karen Miller, University of South Carolina

Lorraine (Lori) Richards Bornn, Drexel University

Nicole A. Cooke, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Carolyn Hank, University of Tennessee

Barbara H. Kwasnik, Syracuse University

Howard Rosenbaum, Indiana University

Moderator Naresh K. Agarwal, Simmons College


This proposal builds on the previous successes of the interactive doctoral student panels sponsored by SIG ED at the 2013, 2012, and earlier ASIS&T annual meetings. The all-new 2015 panel features faculty in various stages of their academic careers, including a relatively new assistant professor to a seasoned chair or dean. The panelists are prepared to address audience questions on such topics as the traditional academic job market, alternative career paths including post-doctoral opportunities, the development of personal research agendas, and the challenges of online instruction.

The panel discussion will focus around the academic job market and how applicants can present themselves in the best light depending upon the type of position sought. Doctoral students will gain valuable insights on finishing their dissertation, weighing postdoctoral opportunities, and preparing for their first academic position by interacting with the panelists. This panel will provide for an anonymous mechanism for doctoral students and new faculty to ask questions without feeling inhibited or intimidated. The panel may be of greatest benefit to those doctoral students nearing the end of their doctoral program, but will also be useful to new doctoral students and new assistant professors.

SIG ED Business Meeting Agenda

Monday, November 9, 2015

9:15AM – 10:25AM

Sterling 6

I. Call to order (Stan Trembach and Liya Deng)

II. Thank you to everybody who served

III. 2015 SIG/ED Travel Award presentation

IV. New Officer intoductions and volunteers for committees

A. Co-Chairs Elect (Duties include assisting the Co-Chairs with all aspects of running the SIG and assuming the Chair duties when the Co-Chairs are not available)

B. Programming Director  (Duties include arranging and providing publicity for SIG/ED events)

C. Volunteers for committees to assist
Programming Director and Public Relations
officer (new web site production and maintenance)

V. Suggestions for 2016 webinars, annual meeting panels/workshops, and other activities:

A. Student member recruitment strategies (Student membership drive)

B. Collaboration strategies with other SIGs
(Stan Trembach)

VI. Budget update (Liya Deng and Hans-Christoph Hobohm)

VII. Planning for next officer/committee meeting

If you are interested in working with SIG ED but can not attend the Annual Meeting, please contact the co-chairs.

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