2008-2009 SIG-III Officers

Just a quick note to announce the 2008-2009 Officers:

Chair: Aaron Bowen

Co-chair: Jonathan Levitt

Chair-elect: Kate Johnson

Co-chair elect: Daniel Alemneh

Immediate Past Chair: Yunfei Du

Communications Officer: Masqood Shaheen

Treasurer: Bahaa El-Hadidy

Program Chair: Ajit Pyati

SIG-III Blog Administrator: Aaron Bowen

Cabinet Representative: Toni Carbo

Alternate Cabinet representative: Yunfei Du

Webmaster: Aaron Bowen

Mentorship Coordinator: Nadia Caidi

International Paper Contest Chair: Hong Cui

International Paper Contest Co-chair: Jonathan Levitt

InfoShare Officers: Abebe Rorissa, Sarah Emmerson

Thanks to everyone for your service this year! Let’s make it a great one!

Aaron Bowen