SIG-III’s 30th Anniversary Interviews: Cofounders’ Reflections

“If I have seen farther it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” – Sir Issac Newton

In preparation of the 75th ASIS&T Anniversary and 30th Anniversary of SIG-III, Daniel Alemneh, Chair of SIG-III, interviewed SIG-III founders and pioneers Toni Carbo and Michel Menou in September 2012.

It is very fitting to open our interview (our “Cofounders Reflections”) with Sir Issac Newton’s famous saying. It is true that leadership qualities are instilled in almost every individual when they are born. But, opportunities for developing leadership skills are provided to everyone as they grow and mature. Taking advantage of these opportunities and learning from the experiences are truly what makes leaders in almost any field. In this regard, the interviews are really an opportunity to visit with the two SIG-III Co-founders, learn from their experiences, and capture their reflections, and make a lasting contribution to SIG-III and ASIS&T history.

  1. Link to interview with Michel Menou:
  2. Link to interview with Toni Carbo: