Timothy D. Bowman
Isabella Peters
Stefanie Haustein
Kim Holmberg
#twinkletweet: Hashtag use of astrophysicists on Twitter
Katherine McCain Charting the rise of the zebrafish as a model organism: Persistent co-author networks, 1980-2004
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Judit Bar-Ilan
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Classifying motivations for research blog posts—preliminary results
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Cognitive distance and peer review: A study of a grant scheme in infection biology
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Combining author co-citation and bibliographic coupling analyses for the study of research trends
Chaoqun Ni
Cassidy R. Sugimoto
Doctoral mentoring and protégé scholarly performance: A preliminary examination in Sociology
Masaki Eto Document retrieval method using random walk with restart on co-citation network
Bradford Demarest Measuring identities and differences in epistemic communities in political sub-reddits: A novel-machine-learning-based metric
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Measuring nursing publication impact and faculty metrics: Web of Science vs Scopus
Songphan Choemprayong Measuring scholarly collaboration in Southeast Asia: A bibliometric study
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Mike Thelwall
Mendeley readership altmetrics for the social sciences and humanities: Research evaluation and knowledge flows
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Mike Thelwall
Modelling article citation impact factors using an integrated statistical method
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The assessment of journal similarity using citation journal topicality: Results from two investigations
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The role of handbooks in knowledge creation and diffusion: A case of science studies