Welcome to the new home of SIG VIS

On behalf of our 2016-17 Officers, welcome to the new home of ASIS&T SIG VIS!

To help us re-engage with lovers of visualization, images, and sound, we’ve migrated and updated content from the legacy SIG VIS website and designed a new logo to represent the group.  These efforts will increase the efficacy of our communications and help us build on a strong history (23 years) of activities and events within ASIS&T, and provide greater visibility of SIG VIS, its members, and its particular role within the Association.

The new website is all about the SIG VIS mission “to promote the exchange, development, communication, and dissemination of information and research related to visual and graphic information among ASIS&T members and to the larger community of practitioners and scholars.”

To become a SIG VIS member, join ASIS&T through the membership page. If you are already an ASIS&T member, please log into the Association website and add SIG VIS to your affiliations (no costs for joining multiple SIGs). 

Click here to subscribe to the SIG VIS email list.

If you have any suggestions for an event or webinar, if you would like to contribute content to the website or an upcoming Newsletter, or if you would like to share feedback, please get in touch with SIG VIS at sigvis.asist [@] gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you.
Jeremy L. McLaughlin
Chair, SIG VIS

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