Networked 3D Game Possibilities, by Ray Uzwyshyn

Originally published April 20, 2005 The notion of journey as a visual paradigm for an information system is relatively new. Conventional wisdom says a serious information system user (i.e. Pubmed, Proquest, Web of Knowledge) satisfies information seeking needs in qualitatively different ways from an X-Box or Playstation game player. Rarely have these systems been […]

New SIG VIS Weblog – Send in Your Submissions, by Ray Uzwyshyn.

Originally published December 9, 2004 Welcome to our new SIGVIS Weblog.  Information Visualization is a rapidly emerging field at the nexus of a spectrum of academic disciplines – transdisciplinary and for the 21st century. Historically, the area of research has been ahead of its time, synthetic, traversing and recombining innovation from traditionally compartmentalized academic […]