2015 Candidate for Director-at-Large


Abebe RorissaDr. Abebe Rorissa is an Associate Professor in the Department of Information Studies, University at Albany, State University of New York.  Previously, he worked in four countries as a lecturer and systems librarian for 17 years. He has consulted for academic institutions, national governments, & international organizations. He has published extensively and served or serving on program committees & editorial boards of several international journals/publications/conferences and as a manuscript reviewer.

As a multidisciplinary scholar, his research interests include multimedia information organization and retrieval, scaling of users’ information needs/perceptions, & use/acceptance/adoption and impact of information and communication technologies. He teaches courses in research methods & statistics, information technology, & foundations of information science. His honors include University at Albany Provost’s Fellowship & winning the ASIS&T SIG Member of the Year Award.

Position Statement:

In my more than 13 years as an ASIS&T member, I have served in several leadership positions: advisory board member of the ASIS&T Bulletin; assistant editor of the Proceedings; Chair, Chair-Elect, Immediate Past Chair, InfoShare officer, & Communications Officer of SIG III; member of the SIG Cabinet Steering Committee; guest editor of the ASIS&T Bulletin; and member of the ASIS&T Pratt Severn Best Student Research Paper Award Jury. I have also: organized Webinars, raised funds for SIG III’s activities, reviewed manuscripts, moderated panels and workshops, & presented on a number of topics. I am an active and engaged member of the ASIS&T community. Once ASIS&T members experience the energy and family-like atmosphere at our events, they will continue to stay involved and remain lifelong members.

ASIS&T is on a long journey to becoming a truly international association. If elected as Director-at-Large, I will strive to broaden the geographic reach of ASIS&T with members from every corner of this global village. In order to grow our membership and deepen our impact, ASIS&T must widen the scope of issues addressed and reach/attract a new and diverse group of academics, researchers, students, and practitioners in all continents.

I will make the recruitment of members and creation of regional and student ASIS&T groups/chapters, especially in Africa and the Middle East, and the expansion of services to & interactions with all members, my primary focus. I will leverage the strength of the ASIS&T brand and of our current members. Having worked in four countries and having built an international professional network, I am in a unique position to do so.