I studied at Northumbria University for my PhD by discussing the thesis “Towards the internationalization of LIS higher education”.

I started my teaching career in 2000- in the Bologna Process framework- teaching at the University of Parma (Italy) in two international courses, MAIS and DILL, both courses organized in cooperation by European universities, with teachers and students from different nations and cultures. MAIS (Master International Information Studies) was an international Master with the University of Parma and Northumbria University. DILL (Digital Library Learning) was an international Master with Oslo University College (after HIOA) Tallinn University and University of Parma. I also collaborated with colleagues from Middle East countries such as Uzbekistan, Georgia, Armenia, for projects aiming to reorganize university education for the digital library. This international experience has convinced me that LIS is an international discipline however there are still many obstacles to agreed standards. Furthermore the professionals have problems of recognition and equivalence of the academic titles in a global world.

My European experience has expanded globally in IFLA where I was the Chair of the Education and Training Section and Library Theory and Research Section. I was also Division IV Chair and member of the Governing Board.  I have collaborated in IFLA on preparing a report on Quality Assurance, on preparing the Guidelines on the recognition of qualifications and recently in guiding a Project on defining the role and competencies of the data curator. I currently collaborate with the IFLA BSLISE Group following my research interest of the new competencies and new professional profiles in the digital era.

I am currently Editor of the journal Digital Library Perspectives.

Position Statement

I have been honoured to be part of the ASIS&T community since 2015. I was Secretary of the SIG DL where I worked for the organization of the Webinars and Secretary of the Chapter Europe for which I organized a meeting in Pisa last September at the end of FEIS Conference. I am currently Treasure of the SIG ED and I am collaborating with the SIG Officers for the organization of a Conference at the Vatican Library on 30 and 31 August in Rome as IFLA Satellite Conference. The title of the Satellite Conference “Transforming LIS education for professionals in a global information world” indicates the importance of guiding the transformation of LIS education internationally, adapting it to different contexts at the local level. To achieve this objective, I believe that the various international Library Association should work together. For this conference IFLA, ASIST and ALISE have begun to cooperate and the program will provide an interactive discussion in work tables.

I have reflected on the ASIST Strategy 2015-2020 and I intend to collaborate on the objective of membership by promoting regional programs engaging members in geographic area where ASIS&T is not diffused. I would like to collaborate to plan a mentorship program supported by local events, Webinars and internship opportunities.

If elected as Director at large, I would like to concentrate my efforts on the recognition and equivalence of qualifications at an international level. I read the report “Graduate Information Programs and Accreditation Landscape Survey and Analysis” with great interest and I believe that further research is needed to develop an Action plan that can give greater transparency to information professional skills. This research could be the result of cooperation with other international associations and institutions.