Dr. Ina Fourie is a full professor in the Department of Information Science at the University of Pretoria (South Africa). Prior to this, she was a lecturer and then senior lecturer at the University of South Africa (UNISA) (a very large distance teaching university). She also had a short spell as librarian at the Atomic Energy Corporation of South Africa. She holds a four-year bachelor’s degree in Library and Information Science, honours’ and master’s degrees in Information Science, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Tertiary Education. She obtained her doctoral degree in 1995 on a topic concerning the design of a multimedia distance teaching package in information retrieval.  She obtained her qualifications at various South African universities.

Dr Fourie’s  research and teaching covers both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and include information behaviour, information retrieval and information organisation. She has published widely in international and national journals and presented at national and international conferences in the fields of information science, healthcare and education. Her research over the last fifteen years mostly concerned health information behaviour and especially cancer, palliative care and pain, and more recently caregiving and autoethnography. Her master’s and doctoral supervision covers a wider field including library services, the digital divide, current awareness services and information behaviour in evidence-based librarianship and competitive intelligence. She has collaborated with colleagues from the USA, UK, The Netherlands, Israel and Australia, as well as locally. She serves on the Editorial Board for The Electronic Library, Online Information Review, Library Hi TechJournal of Information Science Theory and Practice, Mousaion, and South African journal of Libraries and Information Science. She also reviews for ASLIB Journal of Information Management, African Journal of Library, Archives and Information Science; Health Information and Libraries Journal; Journal of Documentation; Library and Information Science Research; Journal of the Association of Information Science and Technology; Information Processing and Management; Information Research; Innovation; South African Journal of Information Management, Nursing Education Today; and Health Education.

Dr Fourie has been a member of ASIS&T since 2001. She has served on several ASIS&T jury panels and committees including the 2013 jury panel for doctoral dissertations submitted for the Proquest reward, the 2018 jury panel for best book award, the 2019 Awards Committee, the International SIG and specifically the awards committee for best international paper from a developing country (2018, 2019). In 2019, she was Chair of the Jury panel for the award for Research in Information Science. Since 2017, she was a member of the South African reference group for writing a national standard for Library and Information Science education. She has been secretary of the ISIC (Information Seeking in Context) Standing Committee since 2016, and is currently, also Chair of the local committee organising ISIC2020 in Pretoria (South Africa).

Position Statement

As a member of ASIS&T since 2001, I always have been fascinated by the wealth of expertise that are pulled together, the information shared and the opportunities and encouragement for newcomers to the field. I see ASIS&T as the premier international organisation for academics, students, and practitioners interested in information science and practices, library science and many other related disciplines including computer science and informatics. An academic and professional home. I have always been proud of my membership and when attending conferences I always envied doctoral students especially those from North America and Canada for the encouragement they receive to be part of this. I belief that the renewed commitment of ASIS&T to international inclusion can offer each doctoral student and committed newcomer from anywhere in the world the opportunity to share in this privilege. I have always been welcome as an international member and conference participant. With the transformation and more explicit emphasis on international reach and involvement, I belief there is even more opportunity to not just welcome international members, but to lobby for global involvement and deeper feelings of belonging and being valued.

I am available for the position as treasurer because I believe in the vision and aims of ASIS&T. I belief in the value ASIS&T can hold for the professional development and careers of academics, researchers and practitioners. A sound budget and healthy financial situation are essential to achieve these. As treasurer, I would work very closely with the ASIS&T Board of Directors and especially the Budget & Finance Committee charged with advising the Board of Directors concerning the financial affairs of the Association, and to fulfil my role as treasurer and as set out in guidelines for this role. This include assessing the financial impact of policies. In addition, I hope to contribute to professional foundations developed over many years, and especially the more recent initiatives on increasing membership, professional development, and soliciting input from members. More specifically reaching out for to non-competing professional gatherings of librarians, information professionals and related professionals such as at ISIC (Information Seeking in Context), CoLIS (Concepts of Library and Information Science) and EAHIL (European Association for Health Information and Libraries), and many others that can be identified. I further hope, within the role of treasurer, to contribute to strengthening the development of young, internationally inclusive leadership, sustainability and loyalty to the vision and values of ASIS&T.