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Robert M. Hayes


Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, UCLA, 2320 Moore Hall, 405 Hilgard Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90024

Magnavox; UCLA; Becker and Hayes

Hayes taught mathematics and information science at UCLA. He worked at: Dean of the Library and Information Science Graduate School at UCLA 1975-?. He worked with Becker on Library/USA - an exhibit at the World's Fair in 1964 to introduce online retrieval to the general public (Bellardo & Bourne). For both the Seattle and New York World's Fairs--see Becker's activities.

According to Farkas-Conn, Hayes had a "lifetime influence on the field." He was an expert on systems. He co-author with Joseph Becker Information Storage and Retrieval, the most comprehensive text in the field at that time (1962). He was a consultant on library and information systems. Oral history interview located at the Chemical Heritage Foundation at:

The following brief biographical description appears in the finding aid to his papers at UCLA:

Robert Mayo Hayes pioneered in the development of digital data storage and retrieval, information transfer, systems analysis and design research. His work has had a major impact on information policy and the economics of library operations. Spanning two decades (1955-1976), the collection documents Hayes' activities as an international consultant to corporations, academic and public libraries, as well as government organizations. The material reflects the scope of Hayes' intellectual pursuits: the economics of information transfer; copyright; measurement of productivity in libraries; coding applications; the relationship between information services and products; remote storage; and preservation.

Hayes was born in New York City on December 3, 1926; married Alice Peters, 1952; received BA (1947), MA (1949), and PhD (1952) in mathematics at UCLA; mathematician, National Bureau of Standards, Washington and Los Angeles, 1949-52; member, technical staff, Hughes Aircraft Company, 1952-54; head of applications group, National Cash Register Company, 1954-55; head, business systems group, Magnavox Company, 1955-60; Vice President and Science Director, Electrada Corporation, Los Angeles, 1960-64; President, Advanced Information Systems Incorporated, Los Angeles, 1960-64; lecturer, Math Department, UCLA, 1952-64; Director, Institute of Library Research, 1965-70; professor (1964-91) and Dean (1974-89), then Dean emeritus (1989) and professor emeritus (1991), UCLA Graduate School of Library and Information Science; visiting lecturer at a number of national and international institutions; co-author of various publications dealing with information storage and retrieval; author, Strategic Management for Academic Libraries (1993).Robert Mayo Hayes, formally trained in mathematics, contributed significantly to a number of advances in library and information sciences. Hayes pioneered the development of digital data storage and retrieval, information transfer, systems analysis and design research, and international consultation vis-à-vis library networks. His work has had a major impact on information policy and the economics of research library operations.

1971 Best Information Science Book(ASIS)

ADI/ASIS Pres. 1962-63 and 1967-68; ALA/ISAD Pres. 1968-1970; AAAS: Vice-Pres. 1969-70 and Secretary/Treasurer (Chapter Level) 1970-71

UCLA Library Special Collections


40 cu. ft. (20 linear feet)

Records relating to his work as Dean of UCLA are also in the Special Collections Dept. there.

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