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Thomas Campbell Bagg


Among other efforts and contributions, Bagg (b.1917) is known for his work on the Rapid Selector project at the National Bureau of Standards.  He also worked as a Laboratory Instructor at the University of Pennsylvania (1939-1941); Junior Physicist, Carnegie Institute, Washington (1941); Physicist, Infrared and Ultraviolet Source Detectors (1952-1956); Systems Engineer and Consultant, High Density Information Storage.  Bagg is interested in high-density information storage and retrieval systems using photo-optical techniques, and associated image quality and standards.

Thomas Bagg Papers:

National Institute of Standards and Technology (documents and publications relating to Bagg’s work at the National Bureau of Standards, contact NIST historian for more details)

University of Michigan, Special Collections Library, Ann Arbor, MI (documents concerning standards and the evolution of micrographics)

University of Minnesota, Charles Babbage Institute, Minneapolis, MN (documents concerning the development of scanning equipment)

Association for Information and Image Management, Silver Springs, MD (documents concerning the activities of standards committees and subcomittees)