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Career Connection

Did you know that ASIS&T’s Annual Meeting can help you find your next academic job or qualified candidate?

Don’t miss the ASIS&T Annual Meeting in Crystal City, VA outside of Washington, DC, October 28 – November 1, 2017, where Doctoral Students/Academics & Higher Education hiring departments will have the opportunity to interview, network, and learn about each other.

For Doctoral Students/Academics, ASIS&T’s AM will provide you a venue to explore your job opportunities, get career advice and interview with leading institutions. Explore the current job postings to discover how ASIS&T’s AM can help you obtain your future academic position. To start getting noticed, click HERE.

For Higher Education Institutions, ASIS&T’s AM is a convenient recruitment tool for networking and interviewing with the qualified candidates in the information studies and technology fields attending the AM. Join the many universities, colleges, and research organizations who will be interviewing at the meeting by registering here: HERE.

Job postings and resumes will be available by October 20, 2017.


Register for the Annual Meeting