Practical Taxonomy Creation

Knowledge organization systems in general and taxonomies in particular are becoming increasingly important and common for organizing and retrieving information. Implementations include library systems, museum and archive systems, digital asset management systems, content management systems, document management systems, records management systems, web publishing, and data analysis. Through this workshop, information science & technology professionals can go beyond a basic understanding about taxonomies and learn the practical aspects of designing and creating taxonomies and thesauri so that they can take on or manage a taxonomy development project. Standards and best practices are important, but do not cover every situation, and there are numerous occasions when different factors need to be considered in making decisions in designing and creating taxonomies. This workshop provides guidance in making those decisions.

The outline of workshop topics comprises:

(1) Definitions & Types – including a look at theoretical vs. practical comparisons of taxonomies and thesauri

(2) Applications, Uses, Benefits – supporting both indexing and retrieval and for both search and browse, and benefits including resolving synonymy and polysemy, illustrated with examples

(3) Creating & Wording of Terms – focusing in practical decisions and issues in term creation

(4) Synonyms, Alternative Labels, Nonpreferred Terms – recognizing both the thesaurus model and the SKOS model, including practical issues of how many to create in different circumstances

(5) Sources for Terms – comprising content, users, and external reference sources

(6) Term Relationships – hierarchical, associative, and customized

(7) Hierarchy & Faceted Design – suitability of structures, decision issues, information architecture considerations, and polyhierarchies, with numerous examples

(8) Software Tools – major vendors listed with screenshots

(9) Governance – specifications, policies, documentation, and maintenance

The workshop also includes exercises on creating terms and relations and live demonstrations of several taxonomy management software products. There will also be ample time for questions.

Pre-Conf. Workshops
Date: October 27, 2017 Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Heather Hedden