President’s Reception – Featuring visual presentations including posters

Enjoy a relaxing celebratory atmosphere with your peers at one our most popular events. This reception gives you the opportunity to meet poster and digital presenters up close and personal. The President’s reception is open to all ASIS&T annual meeting attendees.


Digital Presentations

1. Afzal, Waseem and Andrew Hagan
Using Virtual Reality to Counter Extremism

2. Barriage, Sarah, Xiaofeng Li, Irene Lopatovska, and Cass Mabbott
Visual Research Methods with Children and Youth: Opportunities & Challenges

3. Caidi, Nadia and Keren Dali
Diversity by Design: From Concept to Action

4. Choi, Dougho, JiHo An, Chirag Shah, and Vivek Singh
Examining Information Search Behaviors in Small Physical Space: An Escape Room Study

5. Domínguez-Delgado, Rubén and María-Ángeles López-Hernández
Film Content Analysis on FIAF Cataloguing Rules and CEN Metadata Standards

6. Dressler, Virginia A.
Adapting Digital Collection Interface for Special Collections and Archives Collections and Improving Workflow

7. Espinoza, Vasquez, Fatima Karely
Collective Action Framing Episodes: A Methodological Tool to Make Sense of Case Studies

8. Given, Lisa M., Alain Deloire, Wade Kelly, and Philip Paschke
User-Engaged App Development: Building Better Apps for the Vineyard

9. González-Ibáñez, Roberto, Daniel Gacitúa, Eero Sormunen and Carita Kiili
NEURONE: oNlinE inqUIRy experimentatiON systEm

10. Lischer-Katz, Zack
Techniques of Visual Knowledge Construction in the Practices of Analog Videotape Digitization

11. Newell, Bryce Clayton
Context, Visibility, and Control: Contesting the Objectivity of Visual (Video) Records of Police-Citizen Interactions

12. Sonnenwald, Diane H. & Jason McElligott
Illuminating Human-Rare Historic Book Interaction

13. Thomson, Leslie
“In My Humble Opinion…”: Serious YouTubers’ Self-Presentations, Roles, and Authority

14. Wells, Karen, Tim Rockwood, and Eric Neail
Video Productions at Saint Joseph Hospital, a Teaching Hospital in Denver, Colorado

15. Xu, Shenmeng and Bradley M. Hemminger
AnnotationOne: A Global Annotation System

16. Ye, Zequn, Jacek Gwizdka, Yan Zhang, and Carla Teixeira Lopes
Towards Understanding Consumer Quality Evaluation of Online Health Information: A Case Study

Poster Presentations

17. Allard, Grant and Suzie Allard
Information Behavior in the Technology Transfer Process

18. Anderson, Theresa Dirndorfer, Simon Knight, and Kelly Tall
Data Play: Participatory Visualization to Make Sense of Data

19. Begany, Grace Margaret and Erika Gale Martin
An Open Health Data Engagement Ecosystem Model: Are Facilitators the Key to Open Data Success?

20. Bejarano, William A.
Uncertainties and Information Behaviors of Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Counselors

21. Bosanic, Boris, Boris Badurina, Sanjica Faletar Tanackovic, and Thomas Mandl
EINFOSE Project: Stimulating Diversity of Students and Teachers’ Engagement in the European Higher Education Area

22. Buchanan, Sarah A., Julia Bullard, William Aspray, Diane Bailey, Lecia Barker, Daniel Carter, Tanya Clement, Nicholas Gottschlich, James Howison, Stephen McLaughlin, Melissa Ocepek, Daniel Sholler, and Ciaran B. Trace
Collaborative Syllabus Design for Studying Information Work

23. Chen, Qimei and Hongbo Shi
Design and Implementation of Domain Knowledge Service Platform Based on Spring Framework

24. Cheng, Wei-Chung and Ming-Hsin Phoebe Chiu
How Do Medical Researchers Use Open Health Data? A Case Study on Data Reuse Behavior of Using NHIRD IN Taiwan

25. Click, Amanda B.
Stress, Adaption, Growth: International Students’ Approaches to Scholarly Research and Academic Integrity

26. Dali, Keren, Paul T. Jaeger, and Lilith Lee
Human Dimensions of Peer Review in Information Science

27. Detlor, Brian, Fariba Nosrati, and Claudia Crippa
Connecting People with their Communities through Proximity-Based Digital Storytelling

28. Dobreski, Brian and Bryan Semaan
Blogging as Recovery: The Use of Blogs by Survivors of Military Sexual Trauma

29. Dorsch, Isabelle, Franziska Zimmer, and Wolfgang G. Stock
Image Indexing Through Hashtags in Instagram

30. Frazier, T. Zachary
A Pilot Study of the Information Behaviors of Web Designers

31. Frazier, T. Zachary
Using Podcasts as Texts in the Study of Human Information Behavior

32. Freeburg, Darin
A Knowledge Lens for Innovation: Seeing the Ambiguity, Conversations, and Barriers in Social Systems

33. Freeman, Mark Anthony and Xiaohua Zhu
A Tentative Evaluation Framework for Digital Archaeological Data Sites

34. Gerido, Lynette Hammond, Michelle M. Kazmer, Zhe He, and Marcia A. Mardis
Emergent Trends in Research to Increase Participation of Underrepresented Populations in Cancer Clinical Trials by: A Qualitative Analysis of the HSRProj Database

35. Ghosh, Souvick and Chirag Shah
Information Seeking in Learning-Oriented Search

36. Ghosh, Isha and Vivek Singh
Using Cognitive Dissonance Theory to Understand Privacy Behavior

37. Greyson, Devon, Beth Clark, and Elizabeth Saewyc
Information Needs, Seeking, and Assessment of Parents of Gender Creative Children and Transgender Youth

38. Greyson, Devon and Julie A. Bettinger
Health Information Assessment by Vaccine Hesitant Parents

39. Granikov, Vera, Pierre Pluye, Reem El Sherif, Gillian Bartlett, Roland M. Grad, Geneviève Doray, François Lagarde, Christine Loignon, and France Bouthillier
Overcoming the Digital Divide? Low Education Low Income Parents are Equally Likely to Report Benefits Associated with Online Parenting Information

40. Granikov, Vera, Reem El Sherif, Paula Bush, Pascale Roy, Geneviève Doray, Marilyne Dubois, David Li Tang, François Lagarde, and Pierre Pluye The Value of User Feedback: Parents’ Comments to Online Health and Well-Being Information Providers

41. Harper, Lindsey M. and Youngseek Kim
Factors Affecting Psychologists’ Adoption of an Open Data Badge

42. Hawkins, Blake
Does Quality Matter? The Health Information Seeking Behaviors of LGBTQ Youth in Prince George, Canada

43. Hawkins, Blake and Jack Giesking
Seeking Ways to Our Transgender Bodies, by Ourselves: Rationalizing Transgender-Specific Health Information Behaviors

44. Henkel, Maria, Aylin Ilhan, Agnes Mainka, Wolfgang G. Stock
Case Studies on Open Innovation in Libraries

45. Henneken, Edwin A.
Linking Scholarly Literature to Research Data and Software – Lessons Learned in Astronomy

46. Hubbard, David E.
Open Access Citation Advantage? A Local Study at a Large Research University

47. Ishita, Emi, Toru Oga, Takayama Yasuhiro, An-Shou Cheng, Douglas W. Oard, Kenneth Fleischmann, and Yoichi Tomiura
Toward Automating Detection of Human Values in the Nuclear Power Debate

48. Jett, Jacob, Timothy W. Cole, and J. Stephen Downie
Exploiting Graph-Based Data to Realize New Functionalities for Scholar-built Worksets

49. Joo, Soohyung and Kun Lu
Content Analysis of Facebook Posts in Public Libraries Based on Textual Analysis

50. Joon, Lee Dong, Besiki Stvilia, and Shuheng Wu
Practices of Metadata Use in Research Information Management Systems

51. Kim, Castle U.-S. and Marcia A. Mardis
Are We Having Fun Yet? Exploring Definitions of Fun for STEAM Learning

52. Kim, Kyung-Sun and Sei-Ching Joanna Sin
Perceived Usefulness of Social Media Features/Elements: Effects of Coping Style, Purpose, and System

53. Kim, Sung Un and Yong Gu Lee
Explicating the Trends of Information Literacy Studies in the Higher Education Context: A Pilot Study

54. Kumah, Cynthia, Jamshid Beheshti, and Joan C. Bartlett
Mobile Device Use to Access information on Well-being

55. Kvale, Live and Elin Strangeland
Skills for Research Data Management – Developing RDM Courses at the University of Oslo

56. Lawrence, Emily Elizabeth
The Ethics of Contemporary Readers’ Advisory

57. Lenstra, Noah
The Informatics Lifecourse: Studying the Experiences of Older Adults Learning Technology in Senior Centers

58. Li, Kai and Shenmeng Xu
Measuring the Impact of R Packages

59. Li, Yuelin, Xiu Zhang, and Shanshan Wang
Fake vs. Real Health Information in Social Media in China

60. Lopatovska, Irene and Hillary Baribeau
What Information Professionals Need to Know: Job Ads Analysis

61. Lu, Chao, Yi Bu, Chenwei Zhang, Ying Ding, Vetle I. Torvik and Chengzhi Zhang
Does Collaboration Bring High-impact Studies? A Preliminary Study

62. Martin, Shaw
Textual Analysis and the History of Scholarly Communication

63. Matusiak, Krystyna K. and Frank Andreas Sposito
Types of Research Data Management Services: An International Perspective

64. McCoy, Chase and Howard Rosenbaum
Unintended and Shadow Practices of Decision Support System Dashboards in Higher Education Institutions

65. Miller, Karen A.
Rural Public Library Assets: A Multi-Classification Study

66. Min, Chao, Jianjun Sun, and Ying Ding
Quantifying the Evolution of Citation Cascades

67. Nelson, Sarah Beth and Mohammad Hossein Jarrahi
Too Much Information: Video Conferencing for Professional Communication

68. Park, Hyoungjoo, Sukjin You, and Dietmar Wolfram
Is Informal Data Citation for Data Sharing and Re-Use More Common than Formal Data Citation?

69. Phelps, Kirstin C.
Designing a Leadership-based Inquiry into Community Digital Literacy Initiatives

70. Phillips, Mark Edward and Jiangping Chen
Machine Learning for Name Type Classification in Library Metadata

71. Pollock, Danielle Elaine
Development and Testing of a Model of Interactive Innovation Adoption in Health Care

72. Potnis, Devendra Dilip , InduShobha Chengalur-Smith, and Gaurav Mishra
Information Networks for Bridging Information Divide in Isolated Communities of Farmers in Rural India

73. Prebor, Gila, Maayan Zhitomirsky-Geffet and Yitzchak Miller
A Large-Scale Data-Driven Analysis of Censorship of Hebrew Manuscripts in Italy

74. Pulliza, Jonathan Luis
Investigating the Efficacy of Sentence Filtering in Predicting Analysts’ Ratings Following a 10-K Filing

75. Robinson, Elaine and David McMenemy
The Tension Between Caring Surveillance and Controlling Surveillance in the Public Library

76. Ryan, Frances, Peter Cruickshank, Peter Hall, and Alistair Lawson
Building Identity in Online Environments: An Information Science Perspective

77. Ryan, Lindy and Sierra Gratale
Using Visual Analytics to Combat Cyberbullying in New Jersey Schools

78. Sandusky, Robert J.
How Recordkeeping Ensures Trust in Digital Archives

79. Sappington, Jayne, Denise A.D. Bedford
Assessment of Intellectual Capital of Library and Information Professionals

80. Simons, Rachel N. and Kenneth R. Fleischmann
The Role of Diversity in a Video Game Design Program

81. Siravuri, Harish Varma and Hamed Alhoori
What Makes a Research Article Newsworthy?

82. Staley, Jennifer, Jennifer Waldron, Negar Golchin, Alexis Horace, Hannah Johnson, Shari Bolen, Neal Dawson, Lawrence Kleinman, and Paul M. Bakaki
A Transdisciplinary Team Approach to Scoping Reviews: Mapping the Polypharmacy Literature

83. Syn, Sue Yeon, Donghee Sinn, and Sujin Kim
College Students’ Personal Information Management: From a Perspective of Information Horizon Theory

84. Tomusange, Isaac, Ayoung Yoon, and Norman Mukasa
The Data Sharing Practices and Challenges in Uganda

85. Trace, Ciaran B., Katherine Cruz, Daiki Yonemaru, and Yan Zhang
Data Ecosystem in Self-Tracing Health and Wellness Apps

86. Wang, Peiline and Iman Tahamtan
The State-of-the-Art of Open Peer Review: Early Adopters

87. Waugh, Amanda
Teen Nerdfighters: An Exploration of Engagement in a Complex Fan Community

88. Weber, Nicholas and An Yan
Integrating User Feedback with Open Data Quality Models

89. Wu, Shuheng, Besiki Stvilia, and Dong Joon Lee
How Do Chinese Researchers Use Research Information Management Systems?: An Exploratory Study

90. Wu, Shuheng and Yun Fan
Music Literature Indexing: A Comparison Between Users’ Free-text Queries and Controlled Vocabularies

91. Yang, Yuyu and Pengyi Zhang
Analyzing Patterns of Contribution to User-generated Tag Hierarchies Based on Core User Types

92. Yu, Biyang, Lynette Gerido, and Zhe He
Exploring Text Classification of Social Support in Online Health Communities for People Who are D/deaf and Hard of Hearing

93. Zavalina, Oksana L., Mark E. Phillips, and Hannah S. Tarver
Quality Assurance and Evaluation of Change for Patent Metadata

94. Zhai, Yujia, Fang Wang, Xiaoyu Wang, and Ying Ding
Machine Reading for Relationships Between Autism Research and the Media Networks

95. Zhang, Jinzhu
Research Collaboration Prediction and Recommendation Based on Network Embedding in Co-Authorship Networks

96. Zhang, Mei
Decision-Making in Libraries: E-Book Product Selection Practices in the U.S. Academic Libraries

97. Zhang, Yuan and Hsia-Ching Chang
Decomposing the Twitter Data Stream in Healthcare: An Information Theory Perspective

98. Zhou, Qiuju, Guilin Meng, and Ying Ding
Who Bridged the “Valley of Death” Between Basic Research and Clinical Research? In the Case of Immune-Checkpoints CTLA-4 and PD-1 Based on Inter-Citation Network

99. Zuo, Zhiya and Kang Zhao
Systematic Investigation of Sex Disparity in Multidisciplinary Institutions – A Case Study of U.S. iSchools

100. Huang, Li-Min; and Dania Bilal

“Not What I Thought!” Information Seeking Behaviors of International Students during the Application for Graduate Study in the USA

Social Programs Visual Presentations
Date: October 30, 2017 Time: 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm