Standards and Best Practices Related to the Publication, Exchange, and Usage of Open Data (panel)

The panel aims to update ASIS&T members and information professionals about important standards, specifications, and best practice guidelines that have been developed or initiated by the international standards institutions and communities in dealing with open data. The openness and flexibility of the Web have created both new opportunities and new challenges for data publishers and data consumers, such as how to represent, describe, and make data available (by publishers) in a way that it will be easily found, understood, used and re-used (by consumers). The panelists will introduce related standards, bring insight to the adoption and implementation of new standards, comment on success and progress in the realm of certain areas such as research data, data on the web (in terms of publishing, annotation, and use), metadata in for special domains (such as electronic health records, space debris and genealogical archives), and look at the raising questions and issues. Using the chart from the 2017-01 W3C recommendations “Data on the Web Best Practices” as context for the panel’s presentations, the benchmarks to be used by the panels include the comprehension, processability, discoverability, reuse possibility and effectiveness, trust, linkability, accessibility, and interoperability.

Panel Sessions
Date: October 30, 2017 Time: 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm Marcia L. Zeng Marjorie Hlava Jane Greenberg Mark Needleman