The Social Informatics of Knowledge (The 13th Annual Social Informatics Research Symposium)

The purpose of this ASIS&T half-day pre-conference workshop is to disseminate current research and research in progress that investigate the ways in which our uses of information and technologies improve our knowledge about the world. Submissions may include empirical, critical, conceptual and theoretical work, as well as richly described practice cases and demonstrations. Papers submitted to the workshop will also be given feedback for potential submission to a planned special issue of the Journal of the Association of Information Science and Technology (JASIST) on the workshop theme “The Social Informatics of Knowledge” (see the website for further details).

View the SIG/SI Research Symposium Agenda here!

Pre-Conf. Workshops
Date: October 28, 2017 Time: 8:30 am - 12:30 pm Kalpana Shankar Eric Meyer