Join us for the ASIS&T 2018 Annual Meeting in beautiful Vancouver 10-14 November at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver.  Our conference theme is “Building an Ethical and Sustainable Information Future with Emerging Technologies.” The ASIS&T Annual Meeting is the premier peer-reviewed international conference that gathers scholars and practitioners from around the globe to share research, innovations, and insights regarding the role of information and technology in the lives of individuals, organizations, and communities. Vancouver is certainly a magnificent destination to visit – Come and be a part of this great connecting opportunity!

Key Reasons to Sponsor:

  • High-quality event that draws a high‑level audience
  • Extremely targeted audience of 500 information science researchers and practitioners
  • Event is compact enough to easily connect with people you want to meet
  • National and global attendance
  • Many attendees work for large universities and corporations all over the globe
  • Most attendees are decision makers or at least have the position to influence decisions
  • Extensive networking opportunities during lunches, coffee breaks, and receptions

Educational Sponsorships:
Opening Plenary Session$10,000 exclusive
Closing Plenary Session$10,000 exclusive
Video/Recorded Sessions$6,500
Doctoral Colloquium$500 - Bronze
$1,000 - Silver
$2,500 - Gold
Networking Events:
Welcome Reception$12,500 exclusive
President's Reception$8,000 exclusive
Student Reception$5,500
Conference Coffee Breaks$5,000 each (3 slots)
Sunrise Yoga$1,000 each (2 slots)
Technology and Promo Services:
Conference WiFi$8,500 exclusive
Mobile App$5,000 exclusive
Countdown Newsletters$4,000 exclusive
E-mail Marketing $3,000 each (3 slots)
Push Notifications $1,000 each (1 per day)
USB Flash Drive (loaded w/ conference proceedings)$1,500 (plus cost of USB)
Logo Branded Items:
Hotel Keycards$8,500 exclusive
Welcome Gift Bags$8,000 exclusive
Conference Bags$7,500 exclusive
Conference Lanyards$6,500 exclusive
Pens$1,500 (plus cost of pen)
Charging Stations$1,500
Conference Bag Inserts$750

ASIS&T2018 Sponsorship Order Form




Opening Plenary Session
$10,000 (exclusive)
More than 500 information science and technology professionals attend this session, which is heavily marketed and offers a sponsor exclusive, high profile recognition. Introduction of our guest speaker and signage included.

Closing Plenary Session
$10,000 (exclusive)
With the conference winding down, our closing keynote speaker is another highlight of the conference that shouldn’t be missed. The sponsor will have great exposure by introducing the closing plenary speaker.

Video/Recorded Sessions
As each session is being recorded, your logo will be shown throughout the recording. If desired, you may pre-record a greeting for the session recordings.

Doctoral Colloquium: Make a difference. Sponsor a student!
Bronze – $500, Silver – $1,000, Gold – $2,500 (non-exclusive)
Sponsor a doctoral student to attend AM18, present their dissertation research, and receive feedback from senior scholars in Information Science. This critical learning opportunity can support the next leader in the field! Academic institutions sponsoring the Doctoral Colloquium will have the opportunity to share materials during the session.


Welcome Reception
Welcome meeting attendees to the first social event.

President’s Reception
Toast to the ASIS&T president as we celebrate our yearly successes one last time before the gavel is passed on to the incoming president.

Student Reception
$5,500 (non-exclusive)
Gain recognition with the future leaders of the LIS field. Speak to students as they enter the industry full of energy and ready to be a part of the profession.

New Member & First Conference Orientation   
Your sponsorship will welcome new members of ASIS&T and first-time conference attendees to celebrate the accomplishments of almost 9 decades. Guests will get a preview of all AM18 activities, and they will be eager to make connections. You will be associated with enhancing their conference experience for years to come.

Coffee Breaks
$5,000 (non-exclusive)
Everyone needs a pick-me-up to start their day and to keep them going. Sponsors receive maximum exposure in the registration area as attendees gather between sessions for refreshment breaks.

Sunrise Yoga
$1,000 per day
Greet attendees as they start their morning off right with a rewarding stretching exercise of yoga before they begin their day. Make an announcement before they begin and hand them a nice token of appreciation. Yoga will be held Monday, 12 November and Tuesday, 13 November at 6:30  – 7:30 a.m. from Vancouver Corporate Yoga instructors located right in their studio connected to Hyatt Regency.


Conference WiFi
$8,500 (exclusive)
Keep attendees connected! Sponsor the all-important venue WiFi. Note: wifi sponsor will choose the password for the WiFi connection.

Mobile App
$5,000 (exclusive)
Available before, during, and after the conference, the mobile app is the “go-to” source for all conference information including schedules, maps, and receptions, as well as tabletop exhibitors and sponsors. Attendees will see your company name and logo throughout as they refer to the app for conference help. Exclusive sponsorship benefits include recognition in the mobile app invitation emails sent to all conference registrants before the event, your 4-color logo and company ad content on key screens, clickable banner ads, and the opportunity to craft an alert to all conference attendees through the app once during the conference.

Countdown Newsletters
$4,000 (exclusive)
Conference countdown is exciting as we get ready for ASIST2018! Your logo will be featured in the newsletter sent to all participants.

E-mail Marketing
$3,000/each (3 slots)
You can feature your logo and send messages through ASIS&T to all participants. Get EXPOSURE!

USB Flash Drives
$1,500 (plus cost of flash drive)
Loaded with meeting proceedings.

Push Notifications
$1,000 each (1 sponsorship available/day)
Sponsor the “wake up” and “sweet dream” messages that ASIS&T will send out via the mobile app each day and alert attendees to important conference information. Sponsors will be recognized with a credit line in two messages on the day of their sponsorship, including a website link.


Hotel Keycards
$8,500 (exclusive)
You can be the name attendees see as they leave their rooms for the conference and the first when they return to their rooms in the evening. Your company message and the ASIS&T 2018 logo will appear on each keycard, providing your company with thousands of impressions.

Welcome Gift Bags
$8,000 (exclusive)
Greet the attendees as they check into the hotel with a nice surprise of useful gifts in a small bag as a way of thanking them for coming.

Conference Bags
$7,500 (exclusive)
Place your name, logo, and website on official ASIS&T 81st Annual Meeting bags. The bags will also include ASIS&T’s logo and will have one bag insert valued at $750.

Conference Lanyards
$6,500 (exclusive)
Place your name and logo on the official ASIS&T 81st Annual Meeting badge lanyard that all attendees will wear throughout the meeting.

Charging Stations
$1,500 (non-exclusive)
Charging stations help participants power up their smartphones, laptops, and other devices without leaving the convention center. The stations will prominently display the sponsor’s logo.

Conference Bag Inserts
Have a new product launch or just want to establish more awareness with meeting attendees? Provide an insert to include in the conference bags.


We value our sponsors and will work with you to find the best way for you to display and promote your products or publications. Let us know what you have in mind and we will find a solution to meet your needs. Please contact DeVonne Parks, Director of Meetings & Events, at +1 301-495-0900 ext. 1500 or email us.