I desire to serve as a volunteer with ASIS&T to help further its stated mission.

In all situations in which ASIS&T is involved, I promise to conduct myself according to the standards set forth in the ASIS&T Professional Guidelines.

As a volunteer, I understand that I may be exposed to confidential information. I understand that I am prohibited from sharing or disclosing this information for any unauthorized purpose, including personal benefit.

I understand that I must disclose any outside interests that may be in conflict or competition with the interests of the Association or that stand to benefit from my involvement therewith, and refrain from participating in any discussions pertaining to those conflicts.

I understand that, in order to serve as a volunteer, I must remain a member in good standing of ASIS&T throughout the term of my service.

I understand that, in undertaking this role, I am serving as an ambassador of ASIS&T and will, at all times, promote the best interest of the association.

By selecting the “I agree” check box, I certify that I have read and understand the Professional Guidelines and agree to follow all rules and policies of ASIS&T. By selecting this box, I further agree that I will follow through with all responsibilities and commitments I take on as a volunteer. If I do not maintain the standards outlined above or fail to fulfill my responsibilities, ASIS&T reserves the right to terminate my position immediately.