Covering Code4Lib 2017 As An ASIS&T Member: Part 2

By Laura Ackerman, Discovery Systems & Metadata Librarian

Emory University


Laura takes us with her as she attends the opening of the  Code4Lib 2017 conference in Los Angeles, CA.


March 7, 2017

Preconference’s at Code4Lib are intensive, hands-on sessions, usually a half day, sometimes more.  Proposals are voted on by the membership so they are usually timely and interesting topics.  I attended two, both on linked data, and in both there was a generous sharing of information to learn and absorb.  “Modeling Concepts in Linked Data RDF” included group discussion exercises that were fun and educational;  “Building Bibliographic RDF Applications and Microservices ” involved creating a virtual environment and software on my laptop… this one was very fast-paced and I hope to get more time to catch up and digest some of what I heard.

After the preconference were over, feeling jet-lagged, I tweeted “#c4l17 code-intensive precon with Jeremy Nelson, lots of Bibframe and RDF.  all on top of Rubio’s tacos…  need some z’s soon!”

But not yet.  Instead, I went to a Newcomer’s Dinner.  This is a delightful community tradition that pairs first-time Code4Lib attendees with veterans.  By the end of the dinner, all parties have enjoyed a good meal and gotten to know some new people.

Worth staying awake for!




Laura Akerman
Discovery Systems and Metadata Librarian
Library Core Systems,  Library Technology and Digital Strategies
Library and Information Technology Services|Emory University Libraries