A Statement of Policy for ASIS&T Board of Directors Members

The election of individuals to the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) Board of Directors is a special act of trust by the ASIS&T membership that those persons can and will exercise their best judgment, integrity and conscientiousness in all the affairs of managing the Association and will make the best interests of ASIS&T their primary goal and responsibility.

Therefore, in conducting the business of the Association, members of the Board may not use their relation to the Association for their own personal gain. When the best interests of the Association are potentially in conflict with the personal interests of a Board member, that member must disclose the nature of the conflict and decline involvement in the particular issue before the Board.  Likewise, Board members are not permitted to use inside information for their own personal profit or advantage; or fail to disclose relevant Association information or misrepresent facts about the Association to the Association’s members.

In order to ensure that any conflict of interest on the part of any ASIS&T Board member shall be made a matter of record, all Board members shall adhere to the following guidelines on conflict of interest:

  • When any such interest becomes relevant to any issue requiring action by the Board, the Board member having a conflict shall call it to the attention of the Board, and the Board member shall not vote on the issue, shall not attempt to influence the Board on the issue, and in those cases where the quorum of the meeting called for the purpose of voting on the subject has not yet been established, the Board member shall not be counted.
  • If excluded from voting because of a conflict of interest, a Board member will be required to briefly state that a conflict exists and the nature of the conflict. The Board may require that a Board member thus excluded from voting on an issue leave the meeting temporarily while the subject is debated and voted upon.
  • The minutes of the Board meeting shall reflect that a disclosure was made, that the Board member who stated a conflict of interest did abstain from voting, whether the Board member left the room while the issue was debated and voted upon and, in those cases where the quorum was not already established, that the Board member was not counted in determining the quorum.
  • If any Board member, who by reason of his or her institutional affiliation or any other pertinent matter, anticipates that in the future certain issues to be placed before the Board may place him or her in a position of conflict of interest, the Board member shall disclose such conflict in writing to the President and make it a matter of record.
  • Board members should be sensitive to the possibility that the acceptance of gifts, entertainment or favor might affect their judgment on issues concerning the Association or might appear to affect their judgment. They should decline such gifts and favors where the circumstances would create an appearance of impropriety.

In order to ensure compliance with the ASIS&T conflict of interest policy, Board members should be oriented to the policy and reminded of it as necessary. At the beginning of each administrative year, the Executive Director shall distribute a copy of this statement to each new Board Member and each Member shall sign a statement indicating that he/she has read the Conflict of Interest Statement and understands it.

Adopted by ASIS&T Board of Directors September 27, 1986