Logo and Branding Assets

Below are two versions of the ASIS&T logo (one with the tagline and one without) as well as a PDF document for our Brand Guidelines and a zip file containing numerous design assets (logos in different colors and formats, icons, etc.) for your usage.

Please review and follow our Brand Guidelines when using the ASIS&T logo. If you have any questions about proper usage, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

ASIS&T Logo with tagline (jpg – links to full size):

ASIS&T Logo without tagline (jpg – links to full size):

ASIS&T Branding Assets package (11 MB zip – various formats and colors):


ASIS&T Brand Guidelines (1.5 MB PDF):

ASIS&T Branding Guide

WordPress Theme for SIGs and Chapters

WordPress Theme for SIGs and Chapters

This theme can be used for SIG and Chapter sites. It’s a version of the Twentyfifteen theme customized to reflect ASIS&T’s branding.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to install it and customize it for group sites:

  1. Unzip the theme files in the wp-content > themes directory of your WordPress installation hosted on asist.org (It must be hosted on this domain for the Typekit fonts to work.)
  2. In the admin view of WordPress, select the theme as the active theme under Appearance.
  3. Create and assign a main menu of main site pages and a social menu for social media links. These two navigation lists will automatically be displayed once they’re assigned here.
  4. Upload a header image that is 320px by 200px. The group logo will need to be sized to fit this space as some are more rectangular than others.
  5. Assign a Site Title and Tagline for the blog in the theme settings. (These won’t be visible but are important for searching and accessibility.)
  6. To change the color of the main post and page titles, change the hex color in this rule on line 60 of the style.css file:

h1, .entry-title, .entry-title a {

(The css file can be edited within the admin view under Appearance > Editor in a pinch. )

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