The Budget & Finance Committee is a standing committee composed of members of the Board, charged with advising the Board of Directors concerning the financial affairs of the Association. The Budget & Finance Committee recommends an annual budget and an outside auditor to the Board of Directors, recommends financial and other policies, assesses the financial impact of all policies and activities on the association, monitors the Association’s investments, and undertakes other appropriate projects as requested.

Chair:  June Abbas, PhD, Treasurer, University of Oklahoma



  • Continue to monitor the financial affairs of ASIS&T and work with the Executive Director to ensure compliance with audit requirements.
  • Determine and continually monitor critical indicators to provide early notice of opportunities and challenges.
  • Monitor and continue to improve upon ASIS&T investment practices to ensure that Board objectives are met.
  • Working with Headquarters, ensure that the Annual Budget and regular financial statements are prepared and presented in a timely and understandable fashion.