The Executive Committee oversees the operations of the Executive Director and staff, administers such functions and exercises such powers as the Board of Directors specifically delegates to the committee, and has all the powers of the board to transact business of an emergency nature when the board is not in session. The Executive Committee is composed of the officers of the Board of Directors (President, Past President, President-elect, Treasurer) and one additional member at large from the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee serves as the personnel committee of the board. It meets as necessary and conducts the business of the association at times when the board is not in session. The Executive Committee also serves as a sounding board for the Executive Director in all matters pertaining to the operation of the Association. The committee makes reports to the Board of Directors at all meetings of the board.

Chair:  Lisa Given, PhD, President, Swinburne University of Technology



  • Make decisions and take action on behalf of the Association between the regular meetings of the Board of Directors.
  • Continue to conduct, in a timely and effective manner, the performance review of the Executive Director and, through the Executive Director, of the headquarters staff.