The Leadership Development Committee shall identify and recruit individuals who have potential to be effective leaders to serve in various ASIS&T offices; design, develop and implement training and development activities to enhance the skills and abilities of current ASIS&T leaders (subject to resource constraints and board approval); assess the factors that enhance or inhibit the commitment and motivation of leaders and recommend activities to improve ASIS&T’s effectiveness in motivating superior performance from its volunteer leaders; identify and/or develop logical development paths for volunteer leaders such that subsequent appointments make use of experience gained in previous positions. Promote these development paths so that current and potential leaders are aware of opportunities for advancement within the ASIS&T volunteer organization; recommend to the Nominations Committee, the President-elect and to nominating bodies for SIGs and Chapters qualified individuals who should be considered for various ASIS&T leadership positions; evaluate the effectiveness of ASIS&T’s leadership development activities and report results to the board and the committee administers the Cretsos Leadership award and New Leaders awards.

Chair: Jeremy McLaughlin, Denver, CO
Board Liaison: Emily Knox, PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



      • Solicit nominations for and administer the James M. Cretsos Leadership Award.
      • Solicit nominations for and administer the New Leaders Award.
      • Make recommendations to Nominations committee, President-Elect and nominating bodies for qualified individuals who should be considered for various ASIS&T leadership positions.
      • Evaluate the effectiveness of the Association’s leadership development activities, report results, and make recommendations to the Board.
      • Track New Leaders after they complete their two years regarding their leadership contributions to the Society.
      • Create a leadership preparation program that provides training and support for new and emerging leaders at all levels of the Association.


The ASIS&T community is committed to the values of diversity and inclusion, which we believe support our efforts to achieve and sustain excellence in the information science and technology field. We believe that we can best promote excellence by engaging diverse group members and other stakeholders, and providing opportunities at all levels of engagement for any individual or group that shares these values. ASIS&T leaders, volunteers, and staff will strive to keep diversity and inclusion at the forefront of all program planning and development efforts in order to ensure the most welcoming and engaging environment possible for our stakeholders.