Sponsored by SIG/KM

Saturday, November 7, 5:00-7:00pm

For the past two years SIG KM has held a happy hour on the evening before the official start of the annual meeting. We would like to continue this onto the 2015 annual meeting. This event serves as a great place for all attendees to mix and mingle before the annual meeting starts. SIG KM would like to propose that this event be held on the evening of November 7, 2015. We will provide snack food for everyone and one round of drinks for the first 75 people. As in our previous happy hours we will require all attendees to answer a question to get in and receive a free drink. This year attendees will choose between the following questions: What is the greatest crime against knowledge in your lifetime or what is the greatest example of knowledge sharing you have seen? This works as a good icebreaker for attendees and gets them thinking before the start of the conference. Funding for this event will come out the of SIG KM’s budget. The Hosts for this event will be Denise Bedford, Chair of SIG KM, Tricia Bradshaw, Chair-Elect of SIG KM, and Heather Pfeiffer, Treasurer of SIG KM. We at SIG KM believe that this will continue to be a great event for the annual meeting and look forward to be able to host one at this year’s annual meeting.