Caitlin Rinn¹, Kathryn Summers¹, Emily Rhodes¹, Joel Virothaisakun¹, Dana Chisnell²
¹University of Baltimore, United States of America; ²Center for Civic Design, United States of America

Monday, November 9, 1:30pm

Research has shown that password security practices typically conflict with general usability principles. Though the challenges faced by low-literacy users when creating and managing passwords are likely to extend beyond those experienced by the general public, little research has been done to explore password usability in this at-risk group. This survey of 20 low-literacy participants aims to examine password behaviors within this population, including password creation, recall strategies, and perceptions of password strength and security. It expands on the work of Chisnell and Newby (2015) based on a nationwide survey exploring password use, password creation strategies, and perceptions regarding password security. Thus, this study allows for comparison between password use and perceptions among the broader population and those of users with low literacy skills.