Saturday, November 7

1:30-6:30 p.m.

Research and theory development in information needs, use and seeking is grounded in work with individuals and groups of people from a variety of practice communities and sociocultural contexts. Reciprocally, work developed by information scientists has tangible impact on the life experiences of individuals within these communities. When connections between research activities and their societal and cultural contexts are overlooked, both research and practice suffer, and the usefulness of information science research is lessened.

The 2015 ASIS&T Annual Meeting will highlight research that demonstrates the impact of information science research on various practice communities. The larger conference will emphasize practical contributions made by the field of information science, with a focus on applied research that makes tangible connections between the academic research community and the various societal contexts in which we live and work. The SIG/USE Symposium will build on this theme to explore connections among theory building, research and practice as they relate to information needs, seeking and use.

During the symposium, we will explore multidirectional connections between theory and research, and societal and practice implications of information science research. Participants will exchange ideas with their colleagues via two keynote presentations, lightning talks, structured small group discussions and an informal mixer.

Keynote Speakers: Ross Todd and Safiya Noble

Ross Todd, department chair and associate professor, library and information science, Rutgers University, will discuss research impact, focusing on his own distinguished research career which has affected both academic and professional domains.

Safiya Noble, assistant professor, Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, UCLA, focuses her research on socio-cultural informatics which will inform her exploration of intersections among culture and communities, online search and digital design, document and information seeking/use.

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