Saturday, November 7

1:30-6:30 p.m.

Information visualization explores abstract and complex digital information through visualization technologies and presents large datasets in ways that make them more conducive to insight, discovery and interpretation. It offers techniques to present research data in a dynamic way, to explore the relationships between other concepts and datasets and to demonstrate results using interactive digital technology. Information visualization is increasingly used not only as a method of representing data visually, but also as a research process, an approach to studying large datasets in order to discover patterns and structures and to make sense of large volumes of data.

This half-day workshop will provide an introduction to information visualization using Tableau Desktop, a commercial visual analysis software package. The workshop will commence with a discussion about best practices for visualizing different styles of data, including time series data, location data, topical data and relationship (graph) data, and will also cover selection of colors, visual perception and cognitive load issues to consider when designing effective visualizations. The workshop will conclude with a hands-on session using Tableau Desktop for rapid prototyping of visualizations of many different data styles.

Organizer: Krystyna K. Matusiak, University of Denver

Instructor: Joe Ryan, University of Denver

Joe Ryan, research visualization engineer at the University of Denver (UD) Center for Statistics and Visualization, is a technologist with a passion for bringing research to life. He has worked in several research universities and has built award-winning projects in a number of domains, including digital humanities, library wayfinding and campus cyberinfrastructure. Currently his focus is on helping UD bring its research data to life, using a range of tools including d3.js to make beautiful things happen with data.

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