Sunday, 3:30pm



Jenna Hartel, University of Toronto, Canada


Stephanie Power, University of Toronto, Canada Pavel Danzanov, University of Toronto, Canada Lucas Almeida (video participant), Federal University of Paraiba, Brazil
Adriana Carla Silva de Oliveira (video participant), Federal University of Paraiba, Brazil
Fidelia Ibekwe-SanJuan (video participant), Aix-Marseille University, France
Isto Huvila (video participant), Åbo Akademi University, Finland
Zohreh Dehghani Champiri (video participant), Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Iran, and University of Malaya, Malaysia
Galina Olzoeva (video participant), East Siberian Academy of Culture and Arts, Russia
Tien-I Tsai (video participant), National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Rebecca Noone, University of Toronto, Canada Toni Carbo, Drexel University


Eleven scholars based at information programs worldwide have recently participated in research that asks: How is the concept of information visualized in my community and beyond? The study employed an arts-informed, visual methodology and the draw-and-write technique to stimulate local and global conversations about the pictorial nature of information in society. The work has generated new insights into information as a visual phenomenon and generated an archive of “iSquare” images to be used for information research, education, and practice. As a contribution to the conference theme of “Impact on Society,” this panel introduces the project, describes its technical infrastructure, highlights emerging social scientific and artistic outcomes, and reports cross-cultural discoveries. The multimedia and interactive session will include in-person presentations, short videos from collaborators overseas, an expert discussant, dialogue with the audience, and an art exhibition.