Monday, 8:30



Selenay Aytac, Long Island University
Abebe Rorissa, University at Albany
Lai Ma, University College Dublin, Ireland
Devendra Dilip Potnis, University of Tennessee
Hsin Liang Chen, Long Island University
Xiao Hu, University of Hong Kong


The purpose of the panel is to raise the common questions about diversity and multiculturalism training in library schools, and engage the audience in a meaningful discussion about diversity and multiculturalism. We will discuss the importance of diversity and multiculturalism training in library and information science curricula by examining multiple countries/regions as case studies. We would be seeking answers to two major questions: “What do responsible library science educators need to do to educate librarians on diversity/multiculturalism/ internationalism?” and “How can we educate future librarians so that they will have a greater perspective on diversity and multiculturalism?”