Tuesday, 10:30



Sara Kjellberg, Malmö University, Sweden
Jutta Haider, Lund University, Sweden
Andrew Cox, University of Sheffield, England
Winnie Tam, Loughborough University, England
Anna Maria Tammaro, University of Parma, Italy
Krystyna K. Matusiak, University of Denver


The workshop brings together differing perspectives on what makes research data possible. How data is made represents an on-going negotiation between a number of elements. It reflects, firstly, the nature of disciplines and the complex way this is linked to cultures of research data and data sharing. Secondly, data is made across the complex temporalities within different practices of its management. Thirdly, it increasingly reflects the influences of data policies: working at the international and national, down to institutional level. Fourthly, it is also shaped by the renegotiation of professional interests and relationships such as between librarians, computing services, archivists and research administrators. And, fifthly, data is being shaped within models of education and training of current and new information professionals. The panel seeks to bring together a diverse range of participants to explore appropriate theories and methodologies for work in this field, using a conversation cafe format, and based on discussions around the five elements.