Sunday, 15:30



Agnes Mainka, Heinrich Heine University, Germany
Sidsel Bech-Petersen, Dokk1, Aarhus, Denmark
Walter Castelnovo, University of Insubria, Italy
Sarah Hartmann, Heinrich Heine University, Germany
Virve Miettinen, Helsinki City Library, Finland
Wolfgang G. Stock, Heinrich Heine University, Germany


The purpose of this panel is to discuss actual developments in co-creation of public services and the role of information science within it. With the advent of the knowledge society participation and co-creation of public services have become crucial in smart city decision-making processes. Transfer of knowledge through face-to-face interaction and transfer of information through digital networks are spurring the process of innovation. The combination of both dimensions needs special attention in the field of information science to enable sufficient methods of knowledge management on city level. This panel will bring together best practice examples and research frameworks. In real world scenarios, citizens are involved in decision making in the case of public library development. First frameworks of smart city assessment and of knowledge management on city level are discussed in research. Finally, the role of information science in open innovation processes will be in the focus of this panel. For this purpose, the panel brings together researchers and practitioners from library and information science as well as from neighboring disciplines to discuss how ICT and open innovation are changing our society, culture, and urban space.