Monday, 13:30



Peiling Wang, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Dietmar Wolfram, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Marcia Bates, University of California, Los Angeles
Jason Hoyt, PeerJ
Ulrich Poschl, Max Plank Institute for Chemistry, Germany
Peter Ingwersen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Richard Smith, icddr.b & Patients Know Best


This interactive panel session will introduce and debate the notion of Open Peer Review (OPR), an emerging approach to peer review that stems from the Open Science Movement. In essence, OPR makes all aspects of the peer review process transparent and open to authors, reviewers and readers. Audience members will be polled on their knowledge of and attitudes towards OPR at the beginning of the session and will have an opportunity to join the debate after the panelists have provided their perspectives on the issues related to peer review and the potential for OPR. We welcome remote attendees to join the panel at (audio & video or audio only; computer or mobile) [Please contact or to sign up]