Embellish your 2016 ASIS&T Annual Meeting experience with a look at something entirely new or with a refresher course on a subject whose growth has outpaced your knowledge. The ASIS&T pre-conference workshops and seminars will be held on Friday and Saturday, October 14 and 15 and require registration with additional fees.

Friday, October 14

Physical Samples, Digital Collections (8:30-12:30)

Metrics 2016: Workshop on Informetric and Scientometric Research (SIG/MET) (9:00-17:00)

Theory Development Within the Information Sciences (14:00-17:00)

Saturday, October 15

The Social Informatics of Work and Play (SIG/SI) (8:30-12:45)

Visual Research Methods Workshop (SIG/VIS) (8:30-12:30)

Information Behavior in Workplaces (SIG/USE) (13:30-18:00)