Friday, October 14


Text analytics (text mining, noun phrase extraction, auto-categorization, auto-summarization and social media or sentiment analysis) is becoming essential to any field that utilizes or tries to understand unstructured text. To develop both practical applications and deeper research results requires the development of a text analytics platform that incorporates the integration of all of these techniques.

This workshop will take attendees through the entire process of creating a text analytics platform, including how to select the right software for your organization, what resources you will need, how to make the business case and how to begin to develop taxonomies, ontologies and catonomies (taxonomies with associated categorization rules).

The workshop also covers conducting a knowledge audit that focuses on information behaviors of multiple user groups and types, an iterative development process and a range of types of applications that can be built on this platform. Workshop leaders will include multiple case studies of the most practical and theoretically interesting new applications and approaches, including search, content management, knowledge management applications and social media applications.

The workshop will include a series of hands-on exercises in which participants will explore how to develop categorization rules and refine them, as well as using both textual and cognitive-based analysis to provide insights into everything from product sentiment to designing applications for different cognitive user styles.

The workshop is based on 10+ years of industry experience and the recently published book, Deep Text: Using Text Analytics to Overcome Information Overload, Get Real Business Value from Social Media, and Add Big(ger) Text to Big Data, published by Information Today.

Tom Reamy, KAPS Group, USA

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