Friday, October 14


This SIG/MET workshop will provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of research and applications including new theoretical approaches, indicators and tools among young and established researchers, Ph.D. students, information professionals and librarians active in the field of informetrics and scientometrics.

Stefanie Haustein, Universite de Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Timothy David Bowman, University of Turku, Finland
Isabella Peters, ZBW Leibniz Information Centre for Economics and Kiel University, Germany


9:00-9:10 Opening
Opening remarks

9:10-10:10 Session 1 – Evaluating individuals

  • Fei Shu. M-score: An improvement of the h-index in terms of the consistency and accuracy
  • Lourdes Castelló-Cogollos, Rafael Aleixandre-Benavent and Rafael Castelló-Cogollos. Measuring with indicators the endogamy in the academic assessment boards of PhD theses

Coffee break 10:10-10:30

10:30-12:00 Session 2 – Reading, citing and mentioning online

  • Gali Halevi, Judit Bar-Ilan and Elsa Anderson. Are researchers reading the journals they publish in? A case study of Icahn School of Medicine Scientists
  • Dangzhi Zhao and Lucinda Johnston. Testing an assumption underlying Re-citation analysis
  • Kim Holmberg, Timothy Bowman and Fereshteh Didegah. Open Access advantage of altmetrics of Finnish research publications

Lunch break 12:00-13:00

13:00-14:30 Session 3 – Student session
Best student paper award

  • Adèle Paul-Hus, Philippe Mongeon and Maxime Sainte-Marie. The sum of it all: An analysis of team size using authorship and acknowledgement data
  • Antoine Archambault, Philippe Mongeon and Vincent Larivière. German reunification and its effects on researchers’ publication patterns
  • Jennifer Pierre. Assessing Professor/Student Relationships through Web Analysis for Measurement of Mentorship Impact

14:30-15:00 Session 4 – Poster session (can be extended into coffee break to 15:30)
Peer-reviewed posters:

  • Rafael Aeixandre-Benavent, Antonia Ferrer-Sapena, Antonio Vidal-Infer, Adolfo Alonso-Arroyo, Enrique Alfonson Sánchez-Pérez and Fernanda Peset: Journals’ policies of storage and reuse of raw research data and their impact in five scientific areas
  • Keiko Yokoi: The sustainability of Open Access journals: The situation regarding Open Access journals launched between 2000 and 2014
  • Noriko Sugie: Clustering of library users by similarity of visiting paths using location information

Open Poster Session
Workshop participants can bring a poster to present and discuss their latest research.

Coffee break 15:00-15:30

15:30-16:30 Session 5: Authors

  • Mikko Tuomela, Brent Fegley and Vetle Torvik. Introducing the Author-ity Exporter, and a case study of geo-temporal movement of authors
  • Philippe Mongeon, Elise Smith, Bruno Joyal and Vincent Larivière. The contribution of middle authors to the production of knowledge in the biomedical field

16:30-17:00 Closing
Best paper award sponsored by and Digital Science
Open discussion
Closing remarks

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