SIG/HLTH brings together members of various disciplines to evaluate the needs and problems of developing and managing medical information systems that can handle the complex uses to which they are put. It is concerned with the application of information science principles, information technology, and communication to biomedical science and health care and their related social and ethical issues. SIG/HLTH provides a forum for sharing and managing knowledge as a strategic resource for improving the quality, effectiveness, and use of biomedical information, data transfer, and communication through rigorous application of medical informatics. Areas of interest include bibliographic, text, numeric, and image databases; medical information collection, management, dissemination, and communication; biomedical information systems for academic, group and solo practice, hospital, industrial, health care delivery, and research institutions; biomedical simulation, telecommunications, virtual communities and networks, decision support and knowledge systems, and information infrastructures; and health information systems for the public.

2018 – 2019 Officers:

Chair-Elect: Aaron Bowen-Ziecheck
Communications Officer: Iman Tahamtan
Past Chair: James Andrews




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