The Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T), formerly the American Society for Information Science and Technology, is a professional society geared towards information specialists from such fields as computer science, linguistics, management, librarianship, engineering, law, medicine, chemistry, and education. This organization is dedicated to finding new and better theories, techniques, and technologies in order to improve access to information. Its mission is to bring together diverse streams of knowledge, focusing on developing relatively disparate approaches into novel solutions to common problems. ASIS&T’s main concentration is on the various advances made in information technology, and the implications those advances may have on human lifestyles.

ASIS&T offers numerous Special Interest Groups (SIGs) which address topics ranging from the arts and humanities to human computer interaction. Participation within a Special Interest Group allows ASIS&T members with similar professional specialties to exchange ideas and to keep informed of current and discrete developments within their field of expertise.

The Indiana University, Bloomington Student Chapter welcomes the diversity of academic disciplines supported by ASIS&T, and strives to reflect this diversity in its meetings and activities.

Executive Board

Naren Suri, President
Brahmendra Sravan Kumar Patibandla, Secretary
Abhimanyu Reddy Maddireddy, Treasurer
Venkatesh Raizaday, Webmaster
Kamalapuram Muralidhar Anirudh, Professional Development Chair