To provide a forum for practitioners, researchers, and educators working in the multidisciplinary areas of information architecture where they can continue the conversation begun at the March 2000 ASIS&T Summit on Information Architecture. This conversation includes but is not limited to:

  • Stimulating collaboration among practitioners, researchers, and educators.
  • Stimulating design, development, and execution of research activities and the development of new research fronts
  • Sharing applicable research to reduce redundancy.
  • Sharing experiences with all aspects of information architecture practice.
  • Shaping the education and training of future information architects.
  • Building a shared vocabulary about information architecture.
  • Chronicling emerging concerns and trends related to information architecture.

Above all, the SIG-IA will be guided by an ethic of inclusion, where the full range of participants — from those who are self-taught to those with considerable academic training — will feel comfortable helping each other develop the professional practice of information architecture. To support this ongoing conversation, the ASIS&T SIG-IA has developed an E-mail list, will develop a web site and explore other mechanisms to promote communication and collaboration.

E-mail Discussion List
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